World of Chinese CultureAlan Horowitz ( 美籍猶太裔語言學者 )
Ten years ago, having walked and hitched through Japan and enjoyed the serenity of its mountains and forests and its many temples and gardens, I arrived, by ship, in Keelung. From there I boarded a bus and was soon in Taipei, and in shock!
Crossing the street was a daunting, frightful experience. I had lived and traveled in over 60 countries, but was new to Asia. Taipei’s crowded hectic pace was a nightmare.

A few days later I walked past a small lovely garden with fish swimming in a pond, oblivious to the din of buses and cars on the street. Peeking into the garden and inside the door, I glimpsed another world, an oasis really. Here was serenity and an ambience at once creative and peaceful, with an exquisite feel for things as they should be.
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